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why use a consultant?

The answer is to use a consultant if you want to do everything possible to ensure a satisfactory outcome to your building project.

Contact a professional building consultant for advice if you are:

Building, extending or renovating; or in need of general building advice regarding a proposed commercial or residential project; or uncertain.

Having difficulties and disagreements during the construction or finishing process; or payment, variations and staged payment disagreement.

Unaware of the building requirements in relation to Building Code of Australia,Australian Standards required to carry out your plans.

Contact a professional building consultant for an inspection if you are:

considering building, extending or renovating.or presently building and questions have arisen.
lack of acceptable performance and finish to the completed residential or commercial building.
possibly concerned with any aspect before, during or after the building process.

An inspection that will ascertain the condition of the property and its compliance with the Building Code of International Standard, and manufacturers recommendations.These inspections are generally visual but in some instances may require further special inspections or specialist consultants with greater expertise in the particular area.

Contact a professional building consultant for advice regarding:

contract administration; inspection during construction. or progress claims assessments.

A building consultant can ensure that the building process is controlled in a manner that will assist
both the contractor and proprietor in achieving an acceptable outcome.

Contact a professional building consultant for a dilapidation report when: construction is to be undertaken to a property and it is necessary to ascertain the condition of the property and neighbouring properties before and after construction and so identify pre-existing and other damage.

A dilapidation report is recommended to both parties, especially the new building contractor, before building commences. Contact a professional building consultant when you need an: expert witness for in court, tribunal and arbitration proceedings.

Professional building consultants may also be used in many other areas within the building industry such as:

insurance assessments;
safety inspections;
and ensuring compliance with requirements regarding access to buildings, fire, energy efficient housing,planning and specification developments and council and development applications.

Generally there are building specialist consultants in the fields of certification of building construction, individual wet area, plumbing, electrical, tiling, paint, roofing, windows and door

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